Our Story

10 years ago we caught a glimpse that a long held passion for jewellery, sparkles and all things beautiful could become a way of life and a living for us and we went with it.

Having always loved being creative but having little patience for traditional crafting and beading we fell upon the perfect media in Modern day charm beads. After many years watching the, now seemingly underground, steady growth of an absolutely unique, original and beautiful charm bead brand named Troll we saw the tsunamic marketing surge of upcoming brand Pandora pouring into every available nook and cranny tempting girlies in every corner of the UK into convincing their loved ones to spend a King’s Ransom on these sparkling wrist adornments.

Having an unshakeable firm and established love of Troll and the way we could personalise and keep trinkets of our life story in a more modern style with their slide on beads we knew that Pandora was about to whip up a real storm so we bought into it and went looking for a comparative product that we could offer for a fraction of the price…….

We found it…………

Since then we have set about positioning ourselves in a very important place in the market…..

We know we’re all suckers for a brand name and designer piece but we at Sassy uk go out to find jewels and gems that look and act exactly like your high end deathly expensive pieces, that you can wear alongside, there’s no difference in look but there’s a whole load of difference in price….

And the cleverest of people seem to revel in a refreshing approach….

People who love spending money on designer goods, with a hefty price tag, love our jewels because they save them hard earned bucks…

And people who don’t want to spend the money on brand names enjoy the fact that they can have something that looks expensive, way beyond its price….

We have accessories to fit the tiniest baby through to the cuddliest mama and a range of beads impossible to rival….

with thousands upon thousands of customers returning over and over again…

we’re definitely getting it right ….